Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm Back

Wednesday Catching Up Day.

The computer I use to do this blog is at the shop, but I have highjacked my wife's computer to give you a little something to celebrate the fact that I am back and will be posting daily again from now on.

Matt Baker is an African-American comic book artist, who has recieved quite a bit of attention recently. He worked in the forties and fifties and died too young at the end of the decade (or maybe just into the sixties, I can't remember). He was a good girl artist, who is loved by many comic book geeks. But he also did other stuff, such as the illustrations for the early issues of the St. John detective pulp Manhunt. St. John was a publisher who also used baker on his romance comics, so the link is natural. I have several of these issues from the first year and scanned in the first page of most illustrations. Baker was very suited for this type of work, but after a couple of issues the editors started using different illustrators and although Baker did return sometimes for a single spot, he was never as invoilved as in the first few. The illustratrions are not signed, but Baker's style is unmistakable, except on the small one with the boat. But if he did the rest, he would have done that one as well.

Baker also drew a short-lived comic strip called Flamengo, to which I will return later this week.

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Beau Tardy said...

People just can't draw like that anymore. All you see these days is stick figures and mangas...