Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's A Crime

Saturday Leftover Day.

Two more Mort Meskin stories from the fifties. These are earlier than the Dc ones I showed earlier and come from from Justice Traps The Guilty #21 an #35 respectively. Meskin developed this style in the Simon and Kirby edited roamnce books, but really used it to it's best advantage in these crime books. Simon and Kirby bogger and art restorer Harry Mendrick mentioned that Meskin often uses two brushstrokes, where other used one. On reason would probably be that it was quicker, but it also gives his work a looser look, in the same way some artists use dry-brush to make their work les slick and polished and artifical. His heroes often wore a hat and ad a pipe.In the second story he also shows his fondness for striped women's clothing.

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Smurfswacker said...

Nice,especially the first story. It has all the stuff I admire in Meskin, such as the big areas of shadow. Funny how this work seems more hurried than his DC war work, yet it has much more personality. As you suggested, Meskin lost a lot of himself in slicking up his work for DC.