Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keeping Secrets

Thursday Story Day.

Four more weeks of Mel Graffs Secret Agent X-9. The last I have of this 1941 run, but it doesn't seem as if I have reched the end of this story yet, so I should go back and get more. Graff's story is all plot and lacks Milt Caniff's great interweaving of plot and character or his trick of using silent panels to lure the reader in. But it still makes for a nice read.


tom said...

More X-9 please...

I also have very nice scans of Tom Corbett from 11/13/51 to 7/31/52 if you would like them. I need 11/12/51 and 8/1/52 to the end of the strip

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Thanks for the offer! As you could see I had skipped two weeks in october. But I do have Nov 12 1951, Aug 1/9 NS 16/20 1952 as well as several short runs in the rest of that year. I also have a couple of color sundays I have been saving up from that period. But if you have until August 1952, we can go a long way before we run out. Please contact me at for details.