Monday, May 25, 2009

Pre-hysterical Pandemonia!

Monday Extra.

Great news for all Pogo fans! Thomas Buchanan has started a special blog to show all of the Pogo in Pandemonia sequence from 1966 I mentioned a couple of posts earlier. I found his name in the list of visitors, but if he ever decides to contact me, I will give him all my scans and help him make his blog as complete as possible. His almost complete run of this series is mostly tabloid Sundays. I have a couple of three tier Sundays, that have an extra panel, so that might be one way I can help. And I mght also supply a weekly run or two. But the honor is all his. I am just excited to see someone else is crazy enough to spend his time on this.

I have added his site's adress to my links, but here it is directly:

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Eric said...

Amazingly, Kelly's first "Prehysteria" story appeared twenty years earlier, in Animal Comics 21 of all places. I can send you scans of the pages if you don't have it already.