Saturday, June 13, 2009

The More the Meskin

Saturday Leftover Day.

I planned to show some work by George Tuska, but it seems I hav enot scanned in some of the pages I thought I had. So hat will have to wait, as my scanner is on te blink and I am shopping for a new one today. I did manage to scan some panel of 1966 Pogo srips for my new friend Thomas Buchanon, who is posting he whole of Walt elly's impressive and rarely seen Pogo in Pandimonium sequence (including dailies) over at a seperate blog. Follw the lnk to find that story.

I have shown samples of most of Mort Meskin's regular gigs for the fifties, except the most frequent one - his romance work for Prize. So here are two Meskin stories from one and the same book: Youn Love #31. The frst one is a pretty uncommon one, which he signed Mort. The second one is more regular (and unsigned) despite the pretty impressive spalsh page. Both show how and why he was able to do so much work. He relied on the same streotypes for most stories and used his great sense of design to cleverly choose where t in a little extra effort ad where it wasn't needed. But we start with a solo Roussos story forom the same issue. Signed as well, if I can properly read his signature. But then, he did scribble his name quite small whenever he signed. Even though it is a solo story signed by Roussos, I'd say I recognize a Meskin face on the second pane of page two and he last panel of page three.


Smurfswacker said...

The more early Roussos work you present, the more my respect for him grows. It makes me wonder all the more why his ink work on the early Marvel heroes was so slapdash.

The sexual politics in these romance comics is fascinating, especially the first one. I prefer the writing in the Prize romances because they had more complex stories than Standard, DC, and the others. Maybe Prize authors, having created the genre, hadn't had time to develop all the cliches yet. Some Prize romances I have are action or crime stories with romance angles rather than focused path-of-a-heartbreak stories like DC favored.

Meskin wasn't much into cars, was he? Not quite as generic as Steve Ditko cars, though. Guess when you do such a good job with people and backgrounds you can afford to slough off on researching autos.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Meskin is known for 'inventing' gunds, so his cars will probably be just as underresearched. According to one writer who worked for Prize comics when Joe Simon and Jack Kirby edited them, you came in with a story and they talked it through with you, adding stuff, angles ideas all the time. Not just Jack's stories, but all of them.