Thursday, June 11, 2009

Space Goodies

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Thanks to the scanning of one of my kind readers (whose name I can't recall since I left it upstairs in the e-mail) I can continue my 'complete' run of Ray Bailey's Tom Corbett from the start. These scans are from a comic book sized repint a couple of year ago. I have added one more from microfiche, to bidge the gap between my run and these. I have also added one Sunday, which ran inbetween this story. To enable you to read it through in the order it was intended, I have added two single tiers for the day before and after that s Sunday. After that ou can se the double daily from the comic book reprint. Since the quality is so much higher on that reprit you can see how much was los in a. the printing in the newspaper and b. he converting the newspapers to micro-fiche. Aftr this, I have enough for at least three more posts like this, thanks to Tony (I think).

Nov 12/Dec 14 1951;

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Smurfswacker said...

Super nice strips! Thanks for posting these.