Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes, We Chan

Tuesday story Strip Day.

I have been gathering some Charlie Chan strips by Alfred Andriola. Andriola started out a a Caniff assistant and comic lore has it that he got the strip after Caniff and Sickles whipped up a week of smaples for him. Considering how he managed to do the strip on his own after that and take over Dan Dunn for half a year and did Kerry Drake for many years after that, there is more to this guy than just the Caniff Sickles connection. Still, it is nice to see more work in that lovely style.

As it happens, you can. Since I can track whoever visits here, I stumbled across a link on one of the blogs referring to my posts of Tom Corbett (by another former Caniff assistant, Ray Bailey). Here they have about 150 Charlie Chan Sundays, a lot in color. Even if you have the Pacific Comics reprint books (or maybe especially if you do) these are a joy to see.

I have very little to add, except maybe the last weeks of Andriola's daily version of this strip, from May 1942. By this time the strip had moved to a war theme. Note the fan letters every friday.


Smurfswacker said...

Thanks for posting these Chan dailies. It's a pleasure to see the later strips.

Can you explain how you determine who visits your blog? I followed the directions for "Google Analytics;" it reported no one has ever visited my blog. That can't be entirely accurate since during the specified time I received a comment or two and a new follower. What is your mechanism? (I don't want to track visitors, I'd just like to know if anyone is reading this stuff or if I'm just talking to myself.)

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I have place a widget for statcounter which is free and can follow your traffic in any number of ways.

Rod McKie said...

Nice Ger, many thanks for posting these.