Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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Friday Comic Book Day.

Those of you who have read my article in Alter Ego #86 will know that I think Howie Post wrote his own material in Stan Lee's Mad imitations Riot, Wild and Crazy and that I find it quite poor both story- and art-wise. Infact I think everything Howard Post did for Timely (as Marvel was then called by most porfessionels) is below the standard of the rest of his work. It may not have helped that he wrote it himself, or maybe he just thought the paid too little. Here re two samples of other stuff he did for Timely. A 'horror' story for Marvel Tales, which shows his scratchy 'serious' style. And the lead story plus a one page gag from Monkey and the Bear #3. Monkey and the Bear was an attempt at a kid animal book. Som eof those were stilling pretty well in the mid-fifties, so ~ guess Martin Goodman ordered Stan Lee to create one as well and Stan turned to Post, who had been know for that sort of thing in the previous decade. Or Post came in with the book and sold it to them, I don't know. I know there are several people on the internet who think everything Post did is just wonderfully designed, but I fail to see the qualities in this. I don't even like the design of the characters.

From Marvel Tales #131:

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Christopher Stigliano said...

"Monkey and the Bear" looks and reads too much like DC's "Fox and the Crow"...more Atlas mimickry at work methinks!