Sunday, July 12, 2009

Less is More

Sunday Quick Fix

Follow Mort Meskin's growth as an artist from week to week.

From Adventure Comics #105:


Roger Kulp said...

Less is more is right.One thing I have never liked about the comic book pages on your blog,is they cannot all be read at a glance.They are just too damn big.

As an example of what I think is the perfect reading size,I direct your attention here:

Where someone has posted Volume 1 Number 1 of the rare 1968 Marvel B&W "adult comic magazine" "The Adventures Of Pussycat", featuring art by Bill Everett,Wallace Wood, and others.

Note the thumbnails that you can click on to see a page that you can read all at once,and if you still want to see them bigger,you can click on them a second time.

Does Google allow you to do something like this ?

Otherwise this is a great blog.

Smurfswacker said...

To each his own, but I'd like to speak out for the way you're doing it now. I don't have a problem with scrolling, and the extra step M. Kulp prefers I find annoying. Keep up the great work!

Ger Apeldoorn said...


I can understand your problem, but for me it is more imporatnt for modern comics (where the whole pages often works together more) than for these more classic pages, where each panel works on it's own. Still, I read a lof of comics as cbr. file and then I go from reading half pages to reading whole pages. I love to get close, but I don't want to miss the whole either Botom line is, that the bigger the image, the better the pixillation and that is what counts for me on the web.

Forrest Christian said...

I've always wondered if something like Lightbox would work on Blogger. That would make it easier to "page" through the story.

Still, great post! I've never paid any attention to Quick stories, for whatever reason, and these are amazing.