Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Before There Was A King...

Friday Comic Book Day

I have wanted to share these ever since I showed some of the dailies from Stan Lee and Joe Maneely's Mrs. Lyon's Cubs. Maneely was Stan Lee's most important artist all though the fifties, doing horror, science fiction, humor, western and war stories... and even setting the stage for Lee's Prince Valiant imitation The Black Night and his Fu Manchu imittion The Yellow Claw. Unfortunately he died in 1958 in a train accident. His work was always impressive and he has been in the spotlight more and more over the last few years. There is even a major retrospective being prepared by Doc Michael Vasello, who is working ith the family to get as much material and information as possible. Here are two of his stories.

The first from Advetures Into Weird Worlds "3, early on in his career:

The second from DC's Gangbusters #61, later in his career when work shortage at Timely's forced him to look for jobs elsewhere:

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