Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Fellow Daan Jippes fan Gerben Valkema (who draws the delightful Elsje daily here in Holland - see the link for samples - and also works at Daan Jippes' Lijnlust studio about one day a week) sent me a couple of Daan's Donald Duck strips from the mid fifties in response to my post last week. I have also found a few on NewspaperArchive.Com using the list at Inducks as my guide. Unfortunately, the NA samples are of a lesser quality. According to Inducks, Daan inkted a couple of Donald Duck Dailies drawn by a Jim Franzen in 1986. Later on some were sketched by Daan and inked by Jules Coenen Gerben reports that Daan told him he worked over lay-outs by Tony Strobl, but as he points out none of that can be seen in the dailies shown here. They are pure Daan Jippes, doing his best Al Taliaferro imitation. The Sunday is a lot mstiffer and does not look like Daan laid it out himself. Who is responsible for that is unknown to me.

Here are a few from NA. I managed to track that were listed but not shown on Inducks.These are the ones that Inducks attributes to both Daan and Strobl as pencillers with Daan inking.

Oct 29 1986 (Franzen/Jippes):

Dec 5 1986 (Jippes/Coenen):

Dec 15 1986 (Jippes/Strobl/Coenen):

Dec 17 1986 (Jippes/Strobl/Coenen):

Apparently this run continues into 1987. Here is a later Sunday shown (small, but in color) on Inducks as running Jan 18 1987 (Jippes/Strobl/Coenen). You have got to love the way he differentiates those nephews:


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Here is an image with higher
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