Monday, August 17, 2009

I Kid You Not

Monday Cartoon Day.

A week ago I showed some These Funny Times and Laff--A-Day cartoons which had some by fifties cartoonist Harry Mace. Mace was best known for several strips in the sixties including the one panel series Amy (which was later taken over by fellow cartoonist Jack Tippit) and Junior Grade ( short lived strip in the late fifties). Alan Holtz also mentions a probably unsuccesful (and possibly even unsyndicated) strip called Hannibal in 1956/7. Mace worked as a cartoonist all through the fifties 9and may have had one of the best signatures I have ever seen) and was one of the last regular cartoonists to get his own newspaper strip, maybe because all his work concerned kids and that market was pretty well provided for with Dennis the Menace.

A quick look through the internet provides many places where his originals are or were sold (including Russ Cochran's Over at the Grand Comic Book Database fellow dutch comics enthousiast Ramon Schenk has indexed a 1959 Dell cartoon paperback called The Other Woman, which was edited by Bill Yates, who for years was the editor of 1000 Jokes and himself was late to get a strip series of his own as well. His style is not very unique and I keep mixing him up with Winthrop and Morty Meekle creator Dick Cavalli.

Cartoons in The American Weekly, date unknown (but late fifties).

From Oct 28 1956:

From May 12 1957:

From May 31 1958:

From Feb 7 1960:

Amy from Dec 25 1964:

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Eli Stein said...

I was delighted to discover your blog, by way of Mike Lynch's link.
I am a veteran magazine gag cartoonist and my blog seems to cover a lot of the same territory as yours (I concentrate on gag cartoons and don't cover comic strips at all).
Thought you'd be interested.
Keep up the good work.