Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Modern Stone Age Cartooning

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

While I am waiting for a new scanner to arrive, I can clear out some of the backlog in my blog folder. Alas, I have much more than the room left to me for free here on blogger. After that I have have to buy my way in, which I intend to do. I will make my lst of stuff for sale a bit longer, to see if I can earn anything back. I have another reason for doing that. I want to start offering some of my overflow on e-bay and having a list here offer people an oportunity to add stuff to what they have already bought, making it possible for me to combine items for shipping and reduce shipping cost per item. Shipping from Holland to the US is lower than the other way round anyway. The last price hike has removed some of the larger shipping options, which have allowed me in the past to buy whole boxes full of magazines for the same amount it now take me to ship four to six of them.

Jan 1 1962:

Jan 3 1962:

Jan 5 1962:

Jan 14 1962:

Feb 4 1962:

Dec 1 1962:

Jan 28 1963:

Feb 4 1963:

March 30 1963:

June 17 1963;

Dec 18 1963:

Dec 29 1966:

Jan 2 1966:

June 2 1966:

Sept 9 1966:

Sept 20 1966:

Sept 26 1966:

Sept 27 1966:

Sept 29 1966:

Sept 30 1966:

March 1 1968:

Dec 7 1970:

Dec 6 1976:



Thanks so much for posting these great early 1960s Flintstones strips, Ger!

rodineisilveira said...

The last Flintstones Sunday page shown on this topic (drawn by Gene Hazelton) was made in 1970 (and not in 1976).