Saturday, August 15, 2009

Soap Story

Saturday Leftover Day.

I said I had seen Li'le Ivry somwhere and it turned out I had. I had found a scan somewhere before and filed it away as Li'l Ivory. It's from the same period as the Paul Fung series, but dated slightly earlier, which makes my spposition that Li'l Ivry was started to fill the hole left by Paul Fung's death dubious to say the least.

Fron July 2 1944:

I also searched the interwebs for more information on this ad strip and found a whole site devoted to Proctor and Gamble print advertising efforts for this soap bar from thw early 19th entury onwards. They claim to have more than 1500 illustrations, including these three with Li'l Ivry. The address is: This is where I found these three Li'l Ivry ads...

.. as well as these interesting extra's. The Young Married Set was a series of ads that appeared solo in 1939 as wll. They have acouple of samples I am not including.

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