Thursday, October 29, 2009

Give My Regard

Thursday story strip day.

In my article on Mad imitations in Alter Ego #86 I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of the work of Bill Overgard. Overgard is one of those Caniff-inspired artists, who could make the comic page swing if he wanted to. For Joe Kubert and Norman Maurer's Whack he did some of the best and spot on comic strip parodies this side of Bill Elder. Soon after doing those he took over the Saint newspaper strip (daily and sunday). The strip was started by Mike Roy, who used lot's of assistants, including Jack Davis in 1950. after Roy, the strip was drawn by an artist I am not familiar with. And then for about six years Overgard took over. Apparently he was recommended for that job by Caniff himself.

Which makes it extra sad that he didn't do a good job of it. This was not the Overgard I loved and admired from Whack. I have many samples from this strip, but I can can be bothered to scan them. I do have a lot of the earlier strips from the late forties, whih I will scan sometime. But for now I have a few Sundays from the period after Overgard. For about a year the strip was drawn by Doug Wildey and he did a great job. Wildey (another Caniff-inspired artist) was mainly working comic books at that point and had not yet gotten hung up about photo realism as much as he would later. In comics h minly did westerns, but here in The Saint he really sines. These are four seperate Sundays, so don't expect to be able to follow the story. My collection if these is spotty, but I would love to read a longer sequence if I could.

May 28 1961:

July 9 1961:

July 16 1961

Aug 6 1961:

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Rotebor said...

Después de Mike Roy, el dibujante de "The Saint" fue el talentoso John Spranger.
La página de 9 july 1961 de Doug Wildey es muy parecida al dibujo de Spranger.
En realidad, parece que Wildey continúa el estilo de Spranger y con influencias de "Rip Kirby" de Raymond.