Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anyone For War?

Wednesday Advertising Day.

In keeping with this weeks silent theme, here is a series of war bonds ads by Otto Soglow from 1952. Soglow is one of those cartoonists I come across so many times in my collections that I have even begun to scan his work, as I wouldn't know where to start. His work on The Little King is quite well know, even if it is not collected a lot, but I also have single cartoons, cartoons for ads. But I think I will start with the series of illustrations he did for the King Features Sunday Magazine section he did for many years from the forties onward. These war bonds ads (to fund the war against communim, I guess) have no date on them, as they were distributed to newspapers for free and subsequently appear on many different dates. But they were all from the later part of the year.

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