Friday, November 27, 2009

A Weisinger Thing To Do

Friday Comic Book Day.

Since I am all out of comic book stuff to post now (and will have do download some fresh stuff from my upstairs computer) I will take this opportunity to share a couple of Mort Weisinger articles - or at least the first page of them. Weisinger was an important editor at DC, who apparently hated his job so much tht he made the life of his artists a living hell. Weel, that may be overstating it, but there are a lot of stories out there about him browbeating his artist into doing what he wanted ot just humiliating them. on top of that, he was one of the driving forces behind the DC policy of maintaining a house style, which meant barring a lot of competent artists because they just didn't fit DC's cean image and hiring inker to depersonify the work of artits such as Bernie Krigstein, Gene Colan, Gil Kane and Carmine Infantino. He was also a very intelligent and irudite man, who tried to find work and a reputation as a writer of articles for all major magazines. These three are taken from the Sunday weekly This Week. The illustrator for the second one is not named, but seems to me to be the work of Bob Bugge, whom I will feature sometime in the future, as I also believe he was the artist on the longrunning sigaret ad series with Sgt. Bilko.

Date unknown:

From 1952:

June 1954:

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