Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The King Of The Jungle

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

As said, I think Hanan's Louie is one of the best silent strips ever. Amazing how many fresh variations he could find on some of the most common themes. The secret of course is Louie's dour desposition. It's fun to see this poor schlep get himself into trouble everytime. Unfortunately, th first few strips are quite small, so I have added a few scans I did myself as well as two new color Sundays. I am finishing with a couple of early Sundays in black and white from 1948.

Oct 1/13 1953:

Oct 13 1956:

Oct 20 1956:

Sept 29 1958:

Sept 7 1958:

Aug 31 1958:

April 4 1948:

April 18 1948:

April 25 1948:

May 2 1948:

May 9 1948:

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