Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Prince Of Comics

Monday Cartoon Day.

Early in his career comic book giant Jack Kirby worked for a company calles Lincoln Features, producing several newspaper strips, panels and cartoons that were packaged as cheaply as possible to smaller papers. Most of this work has been lost in time, but NewspaperArchive has enable collectors to see at least some of it (even though it usually is not in the best condition). One of the most interesting features Kirby worked on (with a pseudonym of course, to hide the fact that he did so many features for Lincoln and to make it possible for him to be replaced at a moment's notice) was the themed Ripley ripp-off Facts You Never Knew! I don't know if Kirby wrote these himself, or cobbled them together from different sources or was provided with a script, but they often show glipses of his later style and the subjects were some that never left him for his whole career. The samples I am showing here are from two runs, the lower numbers from wha was possibly the first run in 1939, the hogher numbers from a reprint run in 1942, when Kirby had moved on to bigger and better things.

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Re: Mayonnaise.

That would be the wrong Richelieu. Le Richelieu de la mayonnaise would be Louis François Armand, grandnephew of le cardinal. And the “discovery” would have been a matter of finding it in use in the city of Mahon. There are rival stories for the name. In any case, the invention of mayonnaise would have occurred centuries before the le duc (or le cardinal) plagued his neighbors.

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Hi Ger, Please read my post, Jack Kirby’s “Facts” You Haven’t Seen, which has all or almost of Kirby's "Facts" strips. Here's the link,