Wednesday, November 18, 2009

See If You Can Walk A Mile After This

Wednesday Ad Strip Day.

One of the longer running comic strip as campaigns was Camels celebrity endorsment series. Popular figures from tv, movies and radio lent their visage for a comic strip endorsement. Alsways easier than turning up in person. This series went on all through the forties and into the sixties and is a favorite amog collectors because of the celebrity conection. I have many mre coorsamles unscanned, but there at least one among this batch of forties samples. The artist is unknown to me and doesn't bear the hallmarks of one of the Johnstone and Cushing regulars.

Dec 5 1953;

Dec 17 1944:

Jan 20 1946:

May 25 1947:

Date unknown 1947:

Aug 3 1947:

Jan 11 1948:

May 9 1948:

Aug 3 1948:

Sept 12 1948:

As a bonus I am adding a couple of new loose ends from my microfiche collection.

June 14 1953 - I used to think this was by Gill Fox, but I am less sure now:

April 15 1951 - could be by any of the Johnstone and Cushing regulars:

A new samples of Jack Betts'Peter Pain from dec 28 1948:

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