Saturday, December 19, 2009


Saturday Leftover Day.

This the second of five Zatara stories Joe Kubert did for World's Finest Comics (#40/44). DC is not doing itself by only reprinting whole titles and starting at the beginning of each. It took All Star Comics years to come to the interesting part. Likewise, there are all sorts of gems to be found in the late forties and early fifties DC titles. As soon as I can find the time I will share some of Alex Toth's western comics of that period. Most of those (including gems like this by Kubert and Infantino) deserve a reprint of their own. If not, they will keep appearing in blogs like this. For the equally interesting Infantio Ghost Patrol stories, go to Pappy's blog (links at my favorites).

These Zatara stories are expecially interesting to see how much Steve Ditko must have been influenced by Kubert. I don't know of any comparison that has ever been made between these stories and Ditko's Dr. Strange, but if someone told me the latter had drawn these it would have taken me some time to doubt that. But it is obviously by Kubert. The fun of it all, the faces, the white ink used for speed lines, even the letering seems to be his own.

If you go to Pappy now, by the way, you'll see two equally impressive Krigstein stories from the brief period in the fifties when he tried to fit in at DC and was thrown out for looking to authentical.

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Lysdexicuss said...

As a welder, i LOVE this~! And, I had an interview with Joe Kubert in 1986, to attend his school, so it adds special meaning to me. Thanx for another great post~ great to see you back to full speed, Ger~!