Wednesday, December 23, 2009

House of Meskery

Wednesday Comic Book Day.

My normal week rythme is gone anyway with my intention of sharing a coule of Christmas series on friday, saturday and sunday, so here are two comic book stories by Mort Meskin from two House of Mystery comics I downloaded from the interwebs. In the first you can see what I consider Mort's own style, with some of his ver typical crosshayching, the double stroke inking line noted by Harry Mendrick and the wide open mouths and eyes that turn up in his work in this decade often. The second story is more muted and I wondered if there might have been another inker involved. But the trees on page three show his easy touch. Maybe it is a sign of Meskin trying to please his editor and trying for a more bland slick style. Both stories are unsigned.

From House of Mystery #31:

from ouse of Mystery #55:

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