Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Tall Step For Mankind

Tuesday Comic Strip Day

Some more black and white Tall Tales Sundays. Next time I will show some more color samples. Most of these are without the topper strip, which often was just as funy as the main gag. Use the tag to see some of those on the color samples. Al Jaffee did this strip for almost six year, so he did about 300 Sundays and up to 2000 dailies. Which means that what I have shown here is just a fraction of his enormous output in those years.

Jan 7 1961:

Jan 14 1961:

Feb 17 1961:

Jan 7 1962:

Jan 21 1962:

Jan 28 1962:

Jan 5 1964:

Jan 12 1964:

Jan 19 1964:

June 7 1964:

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