Friday, January 15, 2010

Al an' Dan an' Al

Friday Comic Book Day

I don't know who Al Gordon was. In the most recent issue of alter Ego a Al Gordon is mentioned as an older artist who work for Timely in the forties and may or may not have had some alcohol-related problems later on. a Dan Gordon worked again for San Lee in the midfifties. He only did a couple of stories and some of them were at least partially inked by Joe Kubert. One or two so much so, that his style overpowered that of Gordon. I showed some of those pages earlier (follow the tag). But he also did a couple of stories with less or no involvement from Kubert. Maybe he was helping out a friend or a mentor, who knows. It's not even sure if Kubert was directl working with Gordon or picked up a couple of ink jobs from Lee. One of Gordon's apparent solo stories was this two-pager fro The World Greatest Songs Illustrated, a one-shot by Lee, that I had long been looking for I recently ran across a set of scans and I am glad to share them here. As a bonus I have added illustrated songs by DeCarlo and Hartley, two other favorites of Stan Lee.

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