Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bringing Out The Past

Tuesday Comic Strip Day

As avid a collector as I am, I do not buy everything. I particulary don't like buying collections of series that start at the beginning and then stay there. Many of the newspaper strips or comics I like ran for many years and often when they are collected, the editors feel they have to start at the beginning to fulfill some sort of collector's desire for completeness. Well, these first years often do not represent the best aspects of the series and I don't particulary want to have them, unless it is in some sort of definitive collection that is announced to be complete. Dean Mulhanny has done a couple of those for IDW and they have all been just about the best presented and best preserved collections I have seen i years, so I am getting them all. But now they have gone one better and brought out a collection of George McManus celebrated Bringing Up Father Sundays, not from the first years but from the absolutely gorgeous middle period. The new book, which is supposed to be out this month, but hasn't turned up at my Dutch comic book store yet, collets Sundays from 1939 to 1941. To celebrate this magnificent volume, I am presenting here my far inferior mircofiche scans from a significant run from October 1946 to February 1947. I hope you will like it. It even includes the Spookums topper strip, which I think is cut from the Bringing Up Father book. Unfortunately I missed two Sundays, one in December and one in October, but I hope it won't be too much of an inconvieniance. May it inspire many more books like the new IDW one coming out.

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