Sunday, January 10, 2010

How To Draw Comics The Fast Way

Sunday Quick Fix (with added Meskin)

From Adventure Comics #121 comes a wonderful episode of Johnny Quick fullfilling every editor's dream... the fastes comic book artist ever. In the meantime, Mesking gets a chance to show Alex Toth (the original artist of the Streak series of dog comics) how it is done.


As a bonus, here is another Meskin story from My Greatest Adventure #39. Or at least, I am pretty sure it is by Meskin. But it is inked a little bit slicker than some of the stories he would do for his Mike Merlin series later on.


Steven said...

Two things about that second Meskin story: the character he'd later do was Mark Merlin, and this was one of the stories that Joe Kubert inked over Meskin's pencils, which happened a few times around that time. Far as I know, Kubert was helping Meskin out on deadlines; don't know why Meskin needed the help.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yes, this scan came from the reprint rather than the original publication. I too had seen the resemblance to Kubert's work, but I did not know about the period that he helped out. Bob Bailey sent me the same information directly and added tha it was a half year period, where Joe Kubert and Carmine Infantino helped out Mort Meskin by providing breakdowns. Meskin had quite a nerveous disposition and when he was working in the Simon and Kirby studio in the fifties he has also had a period when he couldn't face the blank page, so someone had to put something down, so he could start. In that version of the story, it didn't even have to be breakdowns, a scribble might do. But here you can actually see the Kubert influence, as in the set in panels that Bob pointed out. I had never read about this and would like to now where you got the information.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

This laso means we can pinpoint the period to late 1959, in books dating from early 1960. I had a check at the GCD and found that Meskin was in fact doing signed stories with George Roussos and on his own (like Mark Merlin in House of Secrets) until Januari 1960. The first with a Joe Kubert pencil credit is in HoS #29. This continues for three monthly issues only. It fits with HoM, where the pencilling stops late 1959 and a story signed by Kubert and Roussos in the March 1960 issue (which means someone at GCD should give that credit another look). I have not yet found a Carmine Infantino credit in any of the ttles he work for at that time.

wmeisel said...

I think you mean Mark Merlin, not Mike Merlin.

Not that it matters.