Saturday, January 02, 2010

If The Glove Doesn't Fit...

Saturday Leftover Day.

65 Years ago the biggest news in all the ppers was the trail against the alleged kidnappers and killers of the baby of famous flyer Charles Lindbergh. On the stand was Richard Hauptman, accused of kidnapping Lindbergh's son, killing it by accident in the process burying it in the woods and demanding ransom for it from ot's parents. The whole case is very well described here: It has been made into a television movie and because Hauptman maintained his innocense until his death by electric chair, it remains a mystery.

In it's day, it was the trail of the century and it was reported in all media (the weblink provides another link to a filmed part of Hauptman's cross-examination). New syndicate AP sent it's best artists as well as photographers and reporters, which resulted in a lot of drawn coverage by Mel Graff, Hank Barrow and others. I have been looking for work Graff may have done for AP between joining the staff and creating Patsy in late 1935 and I haven't found a lot. This series jumps out as one of his major contributions.

Arond the third week, Mel Graff bailed out to go to the local auto show...

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