Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's Go To The Funnies

Wednesday Advertising Day Extra.

As a bonus I am adding three more fil ads from the late forties. I did a sweep of a couple of months of Sunday papers and found a lot of terific stuff. Most I am keeping back, bcause I want to combine them with color scans I have made myself. But I have already shared all I have myself of these film ads which all ran only in this period, probably because one film producor or one ad agency believed in them. I am not sure who did then. There are not a lot of artists capable of this type of work, though. It could be Lou Fine, or Leonard Starr. Or maybe Elmer Wexler, who worked for Johnstone and Cushing and influenced the whole generation of photorealistic artists. I have shown one of his signed pieces a year ago (follow the tag) and am including here a piece from a 2005 Heritage auction, where it sold for $35.

My Timely/Atlas books sell for a lot less, so please have a look at those as well.

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