Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Saturday Leftover Day.

One of the visitors interested in my war comics last wednesday privately wrote me he was so glad some Mort Drucker comics were included. I too am a big Mort Drucker fan, even though I can't quite escape the notion that his heart was never in his comic book work the way it was in his later work for Mad. He worked for Stan Lee, but did most of his pages for DC. Here are two war stories from the many he did for DC's war titles. But his masterful brush work is on show here just as much as in his later Mad work. It's too bad most of the Mad artists were never very much interviewed, maybe because it was frowned upon to profile ourself as anything other than 'one of the gang'. Thankfully, there will be a two hour dvd avaiable soon on the life and work of Drucker, the trailer for which has been shown on many sites, including Mike Lynch's Mike Lynch Cartoons.

By the way, Bob. Did you know that Drucker did many of the filler pages for al lot of DC books in the esrly fifties. I have come across a lot of them, probably in my Alex Toth collection. I have not had a chance to scan them, but I will add them to the list.

From Star Spangled War Stories #25:

From Our Army At War #76:

From Our Army At War #79:

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Mykal said...

Ger: Beautiful, Beautiful, and Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this wonderful Drucker. When I was a kid, Drucker and Jack Davis were Mad Magazine. I can still see many of his caricatures in my head even now.

I loved his early stuff for Atlas just as well, though, if for different reasons. Nice tribute to a great master. -- Mykal