Sunday, January 03, 2010

Journey Into Weird Faces

Sunday Meskin Fix.

We interrupt our regular Johnny Quick story by Mort Meskin for one of the few collaborations he did with George Roussos for Stan Lee's outfit, Timely. as you can see, it is signed MR, signifying both their last names. Who did what is unclear. Meskin did most of the pencilling (as none of the typical Roussos faces appear), but he could have done some of the inking as well. At this point in their career they learned a lot from each other. It's a great moody piece, a little bit better executed than the stadard stuff he did at Prize. Over at the Simon and Kirby at the Kirby Museum site, Harry Mendrick has concluded that Mort Meskin took on more work from outside companies instead of almost uniquely working for the Prize titles, as he had up till that point. Maybe he left the Simon and Kirby studio and started working from home. Anyway, this story fits right into that gap.

Journeu Into Weird Worlds #30:


None said...

I am not ordinarily a fan of Roussos's inking but he did on occassion handle the full blacks quite nicely. I think I see George's hand in the blacks of this story. But I agree with you that Meskin might have been involved in the inking as well. Really nice job.

The whole art is better then Meskin was doing for Simon and Kirby at this time. My favorite Meskin work was done about this time for Harvey. I suspect Meskin was trying particularly to do good work in the hopes of getting further work.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I actually like the stuff he did for the later issues of Frankenstein (and Dreams) a lot as well. But it is not as sharp as this job or the work for Harvey. His work early work for DC is interesting, but he was suffering from his effforts to find a style that the DC editors would accept.