Monday, February 08, 2010

Dikkin' Around

Monday Cartoon Day.

We all know and love Dik Browne as the overseized viking with the unkept beard he used as a model for his succesful solo strip Hagar. But he didn't always look like that. Kicking off a week of Dik Browne posts, we start with a unique interview he did for the december 1846 issue of the sponsored magazine The Ford Times (complete with selfportrait).Apparently he did cartoons for this magazine, which has immediately risen to the top of my list of obscure magazines to look out for. I have added the cover of this digest sized magazine, which is not by Browne by the way.


Alex said...

There is a small ad signed "Browne" in the February 13, 1950 issue of LIFE magazine. The ad for Cheez-It crackers appeared on page 21. Here is the link to Google Books,

The ad appeared again on page 122 in the October 9, 1950 issue.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Hi, Alex. I wish they hd Colliers or True or the saturday Evening Post as well. As you may know from last monday, I have a couple of Mort Walker SEP originals and I woudld love to know where they appeared (if they even did). Browne was one of the few artists signing his work, although in one of the books about him he says he stopped signing early n because he didn't want to get stuck in one style. But he did and he did.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I had a look at the ad and it raises a couple of interesting points. First, there is also an ad by Hank Ketcham in the same issue on page 11. Second, this signed ad 'confirms' that the Lipton ads I have shown here half a year ago are by Browne as well. Up till now I wasn't sure if Gill Fox wasn't doing them, but this is in the same style.