Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Honey, I'm Hi!

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Some random samples of the early years of Hi and Lois. As far as I can see, the strip had it's high point in 1957/1961. The same goes for Beetle Bailey. Is it a coincidence that these were the years Mort Walker and Jerry Dumas wrote all of the strips together (including the recently reprinted Sam's Strip)?

The three black and white Sundays are from a British sf reprint comic that used them as filler. A rare look at Dik Browne's clean lines.

June 29 1957:

Jan 27 1957:

Jan 28 1957:

Jan 29 1957:

Feb 25 1957:

March 28 1957:

May 29 1956:

Aug 24 1957:

Nov 11-16 1957:

Nov 25 1957:

Dec 17 1957:

Dec 22 1957:

Dec 29 1957:

Dec 30 1957:

Feb 17 1957:

March 3 1957:

Mrch 10 1957:

March 17 1957:

March 24 1957:

Nov 26 1961:

Dec 3 1961:

Dec 10 1961:

May 19 1957:

July 31 1965:

Aug 7 1965:

Aug 14 1965:

Aug 21 1965:

Aug 28 1965:

Dec 5 1965:


Joakim Gunnarsson said...

I'd say that Dumas gag writing made those years the best ones.
I've never really thought Beetle Bailey was a funny strip bfore.
Until I read those mid -late fifites dailies. Oh, they are just great!

Alexandre Augusto Ferreira said...


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Joakim, I am glad you agree about the quality of the products of hte 'Walker Studio' in those years. My guess is, it isn't just Dumas, but that there was some sort of chemistry between the two of them. It does make me want to go and have a look at Dumas' later solo effort Sam and Silo some more. It also makes me sorry that Checker's reprint of the Scandinavian Betle Bailey series has been discontinued. Let's hope both Hi and Lois and Beetle will be reprinted completly somewhere else.