Thursday, March 25, 2010

Before I forg

Thurday Story Strip Day.

Apparently I was so excited to brind you George Tuska's first Scorchy Smith story from 1955, I forgot to give you the third and final installment of his first buck Rogers story from 1959. And no one called my attention to it. So let's assume you were all waiting for the last installment to read the whole thing... which, by the way, I can recommend. Here it is, full size dailies and color Sundays courtsey of Alan Lane.

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luifel said...

Dear Ger: Looking for Buck Rogers by George Tuska, I found your blog, these marvelous scans by Alan Lane, and had the opportunity of reliving emotions I felt back when I first read Buck's first story, 50 years ago! Thank you, and thanks, Alan! Wish I had access to the other stories Tuska did, because here in Brasil, a newspaper named "Correio da Manhã" published only the sunday pages. Since you posted the first Tuska story last year, I don't know if information about the comings and goings of artists in the Buck Rogers strips are still interesting, but after re-reading those sunday pages from a collector friend of mine, I found that the last sunday story Murphy Anderson did had it's last few pages PENCILLED by Tuska, and INKED by Anderson. I can't say if the same was done with the "Space Mirror" story in the daily strips at that time, which Anderson started, and Tuska concluded. I don't know why Anderson left the strip, but I know that he was called in to fill for Rick Yager, who had a falling out with John Flint Dille's son, Robert, and abandoned the strip, without even inking the last sunday page he did. I guess Anderson was probably in a hurry to devote his full attention to comic books, because he had been working on DC's science fiction titles (Mystery in Space & Strange Adventures) since the early 50's. If there's any interest in further information abou this kind of thing, drop me a line. All the best, Luiz Felipe