Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Defective Detective

Saturday Leftover Day.


I am having a lot of fun looking through these old Kid Colt Outlaw comics and seeing who did what. So here are three more fillers. The first is signed S.L. which means it is written by Stan Lee. The second reads as if it could have been written by Lee. The third reads as if it was not written by Lee. I also had a look at the job numbers, which was Timely/Atlas bookkeeping system of keeping track of payments for stories as they were written and drawn. Stan Lee used to write several stories in a row, which meant most of his credits come in job number runs. The signed C-41 is followed by five equally signed (C-42) one page gags for My Friend Irma #31, one unsigned page for My Friend Irma (C-43) and an unsigned fashion page for Irma (44).

The second story (C-412) is preceded by three job numbers which are either non exictant or as yet unassigned (using the umissable Atlas Tales website as a basis), but curiously the story before that (C-408) is one that was on my list of suspected Stan Lee stories for longer. One reason for that is the fact that it is one of those story about the secret identity of someone or something that's in a box. The second reason is the tone of the story-teller, who is heard arguing with the main character on page one; a typical Stan Lee type of banter. And funny, too. The third reason is the fact that the writer uses the word 'thru' instead of 'through', which is something Stan Lee did all his writing career. It is a mark I would rather use the other way around as he really never used 'through' and other writers may have used 'thru' as well. But it's there.

The third story has a job number that is hard to read (though it looks like C-988 to me and C-888 to the folks at Atlas Tales). Both have no stories surrounding it signed by Lee, although C-989 looks like one that could be by Lee, but there are no other indicators than the fact it is a funny three page story with a gag pay-off). I have always taken as a rule that a 'maybe' probably is a 'no', so I will let this one drop.

And now, here are the stories:

Kid Colt Outlaw #28:

Kid Colt Outlaw #29:

Kid Colt Outlaw #30:

Journey Into Mystery #8:

And as another added bonus, here's someone (using 'thru' instead of 'through') riffin on the same story idea as The Coward...

Cowboy Action #8:

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