Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Am Leaving On A Scott Plane

Thursday Story Strip Day.

One of the first strips I looked for when I got NewspaperArchive, is the mid fifties astronaut trip Jet scott by writer Sheldon Stark and artist Jerry Robinson. I have been intrigued with this strip ever since I saw one single daily in Robinson's recently republished book on comics strips from the seventies (the book, not the strips). Unfortunately, I didn't find anything but a poorly reproduced set of dailies and some Sundays that had serious problems with the Sunday colors. So you can imagine my joy at reading the fact that Dark Horse would be publishing the whole strip in black and white and color in two volumes this year. The first volume is just out and due to the Iceland vulcano crisis I am still waiting for it. But since I am already a day late and have to assemble a post in a hurry, I thought it would be a good moment to dump my assorted Jet Scott scans here. If you like them, or if like me you are a fan of 50's adventure strips or Jerry Robinson, have a ook at Amazon and maybe order the books. And if you do, let's all do it on Sunday. I would like nothing more than to see the sales of the book spike for one day due to traffic from my blog readers...

I have skipped the dailies altogether. Those interested can follow the tag to see some of the earlier ones, but they are reprinted much nicer in the first book. But I did have a nice concentrated run of Sundays from the later period. Those will probably be in the second book, but in color. To see what the colors of this strip looked like, I have two earlier Sundays, both out of sequence.

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