Monday, April 19, 2010

Seven Gags A WeekMonday Cartoon Day

When I showed some of John Stees' Sunday gag collections, I mentioned the fact that he wasn't the first or the last to produce such a Sunday feature. I have already shown some of Gaham Wilson's pages last year. There were the long running pages by George Lichty and Ed Reed's Off The Record. There even was a Laugh In daily and Sunday, which I am showing here with another favorite of mine: Arnold Roth's Poor Arnold's Almanac.

I actually have quite few of these, but I haven't scanned them in for two reasons; first of all, my samples are from the Winnipeg newspaper that did their own color and bad as it is on other strips, it leaves nothing of Arnold Roth's beauty and secondly, there was a comlete reprinting of all strips (in black and white, but from the best of line art possible) by Fantagraphics in 1998. I had a look at their website, but they are offering it now for slightly over $8 and I urge you to go there and buy it, before they run out and you end up payning $30 or more for it in a couple of years. When I came across these two vibrantly colored samples last week, I just had to show them to you. I have added a color sample of Stees Sees and the aforementioned Laugh In.

April 24 1959:

June 14 1959:

May 8 1960:

A random selection from late 1968:

Aug 30 1970:

Sept 6 1970:


Unca Jeffy said...

Great stuff!

Thanks for uncovering this forgotten gem!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I have a whole set of Laugh In Sundays which will find their way here in due time.