Friday, May 14, 2010

Filling the'gap'

Friday Comic Book Day.

Earlier this week I showed you Ray Bailey's 16 page 'educational' Steve Canyon effort for Harvey Comics. Most posters agree that the heads in that story were probably done by Milt Caniff himself, even pointing out one non-fitting unusually large head in the story. One poster also pointed out that the inking seemd a little bit for Bailey himself. I have not really compared it to the ining on the early Tom Corbett strips, which were contemporary with this book, but in the meantime I did look up the work of another Caniff assistent to compare. Bill Overgard assited Caniff in the late forties and probably the early fifties on Steve Canyon. I am not quite sure about the dates or the details, but I do know that Caniff suggested his former assistant when te syndicate was looking for a replacement artist for Steve Roper. Overgard took on that strip and made it his own. Just before that he ahd a last go at Steve Canyon int this spoof of the strip from Whack #2. As I noted in my article on the Mad imtations of 1954, Whack was one of the better ones. This was partly due to the style and taste of editors Joe Kubert and Norm Maurer, but also to the stylistic skills of Bill Overgard, who produced this bit of comic mimicry as well as a veru good parody of The Cisco Kid.

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