Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Families

Monday Cartoon Day.

Before Family Circus was the biggest and most well known provider of gags about family life, there were The Berenstains. For more than twenty years, this husband and wife team did safe and prdictable jokes about everyday situations. Nothing much to blog about, but on the other hand it was pretty darn well drawn and the gags are usually funny. About a year ago I showed some of their innovative crowd covers for Collier's from the forties, where they packed a whole page full of observational silent jokes long before Sergio Aragones made an artform of it for Mad magazine. After that, I have come across many of their cartoons and usually I can' be bothered to scans them. Still, these half page collections of jokes from the This Week Sunday magazine are to good to leave alone, so here they are. Another reason to collect a few of these, is it enables me to show off a rather wel turned out ad they did i the late fifties, when cartoonists were shis habitually asked to do ads.

This Week Feb 12 1950

This Week Oct 17 1950:

This Week March 2 1952:

This Week Sept 8 1952:

This Week Nov 16 1958:

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