Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Kitchen Calender

Saterday Leftover Day.

In 2012 the world will end (according to the Mayan calender) or we will celebrate the fact it is twenty years ago Denis Kitchen published is black and white complete edition of all Harvey Kurtzman's Hey look pages (plus some extra's). Now that more and more of these pages are turning up in scan form on the internet, I think it is time for some enterprising pulisher or collector to bring out a new complete version of these seminal cartoon works by one of the three most important American Comic Book artists, this time in color and maybe in digital form for the new I-pad.

Here are a few to wet your appetite.


Jaap said...

Sorry Ger, but Kurtzman should be read in b&w and on paper. Digital is alright when you are first introduced to an artist but after that you want something that you can put on the shelve to be picked up every now and then when you want to read it again. And in black and white please.

RooniMan said...

Kurtzman is the best.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Sorry, Jaap. We disagree. After having enjoyed the black and white version for almost twenty years, I was surprised at the quality of the color in the few real copies I managed to buy. The earlier half ones even improve by seeing them in color, as the conversion to line work didn't work out as well as it could have.

I know some people can't get used to digital reading. In my experience for at least some of them the issue is handling and the I-pad seems like a device geared to approach that problem. At least it does for a new generation. All it needs now is some content and I think that a complete collection of Hey Looks would be a good item to sell the I-pad to all those animators that love him so much. I even think it would be a noteworthy proect, generating some extra attention because of that.

I would not mind having a color book version, much like the recent Wolverton book by Fantagraphics, combining great scans in color with available black and white material (like Kurtzman's surviving originals), but printing costs what they are, I'd say a I-pad edition would be cheaper, sell better and be realized sooner. But hey, if someone wants to combine them, I wo't stop them! I will even provide scans, althoug my best bet would be to go to Glen Bray.

Peter Bernard said...

Hahaha! They're all great, but that Joe DiMaggio one was the funniest.

Chris said...

A color book would sell better, too. If I can say, as nice as The Art of Harvey Kurtzman is I found it lacking in content. The Psychological Indian wasn't shown as well as Pinocchio Retold. I don't think The Grasshopper and the Ant needed to be reproduced since they're is already a great reprint available. The Big IF has been reproduced in every Comics Journal dedicated to Kurtzman, so do I need it again?

There should have been a lot more of his hard to find work. All the Dracula strips, all the Silver Linings, all the Madison Avenue, Varsity, Pageant and other digests as well, and Kermit the Hermit.

Just my frustrated opinion.

Niki said...

Thank you Ger, I love "Hey Look!".