Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Adding To The List

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Here are some odds and ends adwise. I am starting with a series of Fitch ads. I have shown one before assuming they were by Bob Lubbers, but some of my regulars noted that it probably wasn't. Still, it does remind me of his style. But it might also be by Bob Oksner or someone else working in that style. The look on that boy's face in the second one sure looks familiar.

Somewhere in 1950:

March 18 1950:

June 10 1950:

July 8 1950:

Februari 25 1951:

After that a series of Listerine ads, probably done by Dik Browne. They are completely in the style he used for his Boy's Life strip. Still, Gill Fox is known to have ghosted that, so he may have been involved here as well.

March 8 1959:

March 22 1959:

April 5 1959:

July 5 1959:

Next up is an earlier sample of what seems like Browne's work to me. Browne was the designer of the Chiquita Banana girl and this looks like halfway inbetween that and his then developing/later cartoon style.

Jan 16 1949:

So who did this? I don't know, but it sure is pretty.

May 28 1950:

Browne again?

March 1 1950:

And finally, the incomparable Frank Robbins. I never saw another than this.

March 2 1947:

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