Thursday, July 01, 2010

More American Adventure

Thursday story Strip Day

For those of you who are dying to know how the story of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas ended, here is the next American adventure story by Bradford Smith and Dan Heilman. It's all about John Hudson, but it contnues the Smith/Pocohontas tale, which you'll be able to follow here it it's historical end. The black and white Sundays I was missing were taken from another paper which didn't join the strip until this second story.


Dan Thompson said...

Awesome as always! Thanks, Ger, for showing these to us!

Smurfswacker said...

Thanks for posting these fascinating strips. I hadn't seen much of Heilman's work before.

Frank Engli's lettering really adds to the Caniff look of the strip, doesn't it? His lettering style is so distinctive it's easy to identify.