Sunday, July 04, 2010

Shades of Brilliance

Sunday Vigilance

Today I am stating a long run of Mort Meskin's Vigilante stories. I am a fan of Johnny Quick, but many commentatot]rs noted that it is this strip that set Meskin's reputation. And indeed, if there ever was a series of Meskin that deserves a set of reprint books likt Simon and Kirby's Boy Commendoes, Sandman, Newsboy Legion and (hopefully) Manhunter, it's this grippingly dark series. It influenced almost as many in the industry as the aforementioned Simon and Kirby books and it remains very readable after all these years.

Although I am not starting with the best of scans, the quality of the scans I have for this run is better than what I ahd for Johnny Quick. As with Quick, I am not starting at the very first story. Instead, we pick things up from the third story, in the middle of Meskin's wildest period as an artist. Although I prefer the later, more balanced style of the artist, I just have got the scans for the first two appearances of this hero. Still, we have to leave something for the eventual book, huh?

The Vigilante is radio cowboy Greg Sa(u)nders, who solves crimes dressed as a cowboy riding a motor cycle. In his third outing we are presented with a tale full of action and circular panels, but the hightlight may be the design of the major villian of this piece, the Shade (a familiar name, but not the same guy as the Golden Age Flash villian, who later was used so well in James Robinson's Starman).


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