Sunday, August 15, 2010

Possibry Lacist

Sunday Meskin Measures.

I know this is old stuff. But is it old hat? Some of the page lay-outs and the storytelling may be outdated, but the splash pages on these stories are unsurpassed. I would love to see a page such as this redone by a modern artist or inker to see if it still would fly. I don't know who inked this. The striped shirt on the surprisingly modern (despite his name) Chinatown Kid certainly looks like one of Meskin's touches, but that could have been done in the pencil stage as well. The vilians in this story look a lot like the sort of criminals turning up in the Kriby stories that were inked by the Cazaneuve brothers. Nut that is not my area of expertise, so I may be completely wrong.

From Action Comics #49:

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