Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Sunday King

Saturday Leftover Day.

Together with the Judge Parker strips I showed this week, I picked up a set of Louie dailies as well. I love silent strips and Louie is one of the all-time greats, only forgotten because it disappeared when it's creator died. What's so good about Louie, is that is manages to be funny while not resorting to surrealism, as so many silent strips do. All the time it remains refreshingly unsentimental and at times even sarcastic. I am presenting two runs here, one from 1952 and one from 1959, to show how timeless the strip remained for over 20 years with six daily jokes and a Sunday each week.


Daniel [] said...

In these days of globalization, someone is missing a great opportunity. A bound collection would need little translation!

(However, I note that Shaun Tan's brilliant The Arrival has idiotically been translated into Spanish. (A wordless book, the only thing that could be translated was the title, and that was done badly!)

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Same thing with the strip Plunk by Luc Cromheecke. It first appeared in silent French in Spirou and after that in a French hardback album (with an English title) and then was printed separately in a silent Dutch version without hardback... but didn't see that they probably could have done a hardback for the Dutch market for the same price, they also didn't print the insides all at once!