Thursday, October 14, 2010

All In Black And White For Less Than A Dime

Thursday Story Strip Day.

About a year ago, I shared with you a large run of Ray Bailey's Tom Corbett newspaper strip dailies. A terrific series, which shows what it would have looked like if Milt Caniff had decided to draw a science fiction strip (with occasional dinosaurs). I got stuck somewhere in te summer of 1952, but still intend to finish the run until the end of the strip of 1953. Unfortunately, I have only the dailies and a couple of scattered color Sundays. Last week I got me hopes up when an eBay seller offered a complete run of 1951/2 Sundays, but unfortunately, I wasn't the only one bidding. At $150 I bowed out (actually three times $52, as the lot was devided into three parts). If the buyer comes across this and want to talk about sharing scans, I am up for that.

It did prompt me to go back and look for some more black and whote Sundays on NewspaperArchive. I found a decent run for 1951, when the Sunday still wasn't integrated into the strip. I toed with the idea of putting them in with the earlier posts, but since they are stand alone gags I though it would be better to show them here. Maybe I will ad them in the old run later, now that they are uploaded. Here are (almost all) of them for October to December 1951.


tom said...

Thanks for posting - I've been working on putting the whole run of Tom Corbett together. I "clipped" my strips from Newspaper Archives in the Long Beach (CA) Independent. They have all the Sundays too.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I think I have mine from the same paper... but I couldn't find all of them. If you have the missing ones, I'd love a copy. I like to have all of them up here so I can replace them with color versions if and when I get those.

And what do you think... do they have their own continuity or are these seperate gags? They all semm to be about some sort of training mission.

tom said...

I haven't had time to read them yet so I'm not sure about continuity.
I have off from work next week so I'll spend some time and see what I have.
I know I have a 99 page word file that has almost all the strips from 8/1952 to 9/1953. Not sure how to send that to you but if you know a way I will.

marko said...

Yes, much thanks for posting. maybe someone could compile them all in a cbr file?

Was there ever a book of reprints. I had been looking for one and no luck. They must even be out of copyright at this stage.

I'd love to see more Stony Craig by Bill Draut too.