Monday, October 11, 2010

The Moment Of The Spur

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Sometimes when I put up a rare and mostly unseen strip by a know creator here, I say I wouldn't mind buying a reprint book. This time... eh... I'm not so sure. Spur Line was a shortrunning strip by later Popeye artist Bud Sagendorf. I don't have all the facts at hand, but here is how I remember them: Sagendorf was one of Segar's assistants on Popeye, when he first did the strip. When he died, the strip did not go to Sagendorf, but to Tom Sims and Bela Zaboli. There may have been other artists involved, but I don't know. Sagendorf went on to do the comic book version and kept Segar's style alive there. In 1954, he started his own strip, which was a lot like Popeye... but wasn't. An odd strip, which seems to work best when it read like Popeye, only to be jarred by the fact that it wasn't Popeye. I guess Sagendorf was born to draw Popeye. In 19958 he took oer the strip, writing and drawing it until his death in 1994.

I have shown a couple of these before, but here is a more substantial run. Actually two runs, a badly readable one from the first month, introducing the characters and a much more succesful run from one year later, probably not long before the strip ended. Wikipedia doesn't even mention it.

From Feb 15 1954:

From Jan 1 1955:

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