Friday, November 19, 2010

Ghost's stories

Friday Comic Book Day.

I was surprised to find so many samples of Ray Bailey's work for Dell in the late fifties. Here's another one, showcasing his Steve swiped side-shots and rock like adobe boulders everywhere.

Adding to the fun are a couple of Ray Bailey's Tom Corbett sundays. I am showing these here, but have basicly added them to the complete continuety I started doing last year. They weren't really missed there, as the first sunday sequence seems to have been some sort of 'first training mission' for Tom C. and his mates, presented in such a way that every Sunday was readable on it's own. The last one shown here, seems to have been the first one of an in continuety one... so use the tag to see it there in context.


Smurfswacker said...

Nice, nice, nice.

So the Sultra storyline was the first with Sunday continuity. I was certainly glad to see the lame jokes go.

I am becoming fascinated by the mania among Caniffist artists for pipe-smoking. I was a middle-class kid in the 50s and most smokers I saw smoked cigarettes. Pipes were smoked by "tweedy" types and intellectuals. Low-lifes smoked cigars.

Newspaper comics editors were notoriously conservative; perhaps they still associated cigarette smoking with bad guys.

Sometimes I think Bailey had his guys smoke just to give them something to do with their hands. Or maybe to give them a chance to open their mouths. They never opened them to speak.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

That's why George Burns smoked a cigar and Jack Bnny smoked a violin...

Replacing these in the older storylines of Tom Corbett made me see, I probably skipped January 1952!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Oh and Tom, if you are reading this... I would love to have your sets of the later period of this strip. It would save me the trouble of getting the same clips...