Friday, November 26, 2010

Plugging along

Friday Comic Book Day.

For today I have some stuff from the DC romance books. Talk about bland. But every once in a while tere is an interestingly drawn story thrown in. Here are some by name artists (which haven't yet been identified at the Grand Comicbook Database). One is by an unknown, which the CBD says could be by Ross Andru, but (although I am familiar with similar work by him) I just don't see. Could it be Arty Saaf (whose son might drop by here if I mention this)?

From Girls' Romances #27 here's the supposed Andru story. I see some of his traits in the first panel of the second tier of the sixth page, but that's about it.

From the same book, a story by Mort Drucker. Drucker was one of a few artists allowed to ink his own work in his own style. But that was later and in the war books. He started out at DC's production department, where he draw fillers for several titles (one of which we'll see later on). Here he was allowed to try a full story and he (or his inker) is still struggling to find the DC style. But the Drucker poses and faces are all there.

Bill Draut drew romance comics all over the place. He did so much work for Prize, one might assume that was all he did, but he also turns up at several other publishers, doing the same quality work. Here he is at DC, much earlier than I would have thought. His work is slicked up in the DC style, possibly by a different inker. In the sixties he would assume this style as his own and continue to do similar work for Marvel and DC.

Mort Drucker drew several series of fillers for the fantasy and romance books. Many were reprinted in the late fifties, but this sample from Girls' Romance #43 seems to have been from the original run. Like the earlier Drucker story, it is dedicated to my friend Bob, who likes Drucker's comic book work a lot and will probably not have seen these two samples. And this seems as good a time as any to tell you I am slowly selling off my huge collection of comics, starting with the DC n=books. This week I have several fantasy books, next week more fantasy will be added, than war and romance... somthing for every one. Like here, I am trying to ad as much information about the books as I can, so you'll know what you are buying. Go to e-bay and look for seller geapelde. That's me, folks.

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The Seditionist said...

I too am confused whether the first story is Andru. I see way more of Andru than you, but much that I don't. And Andru's pencils were awfully funky -- a mess. See that first Defenders story Bill Everett inked too faithfully: every little pencil stroke got inked because Everett refused to essentially pencil the story. Andru, essentially, provided little info in his pencils beyond layouts. So the wrong inker on Andru could well make a lot of stuff we'd recognize as Andru disappear.