Friday, November 05, 2010

Reach Your Children Well

Friday Comic Book Day.

Today I have a couple more Ray Bailey stories for Harvey, this time from Hi-School Romance. At least, according to the Grand Comicbook Database. For the first one, I agree fully. This story features the Steve Canyon profiles Bailey often used (as did Lee Elias, but not as much) and some of the finer linework he liked to used now and then. The second story is less obvious, but I guess that is Ray Bailey type brickwork on the second page. On the other hand, the only other artist working in this style at Harvey at the time is Lee Elias and he adopted a mich lighter version for the romance books (although they are much harder to tell apart on the war books).

As a bonus I am also adding one that has not been identified by the GCD, which seems odd. It could just have well have been an entry in Steve Canyon Romance Comics.

Hi-School Romance #27:

Hi-School Romance #38:

Hi-School Romance #61:

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