Monday, November 08, 2010

Therein Lies The Tail

Monday Cartoon Day.

Lee Holley was one of the people working on Hank Ketcham's Dennis the menace Sunday page while Mr. Ketcham himself was living in Europe. In 1960 Holley left the studio to start his own dailey panel, much in the style and manner of Dennis. It featured a ponytailed girl called Ponytail and was similar in subject matter to today's Zits. Though largely forgotten these days the strip was a reasonable succes and was turned into comic book versions for Dell and Charlton. Holley continued the strip to 1989 and today it is still being published in the Dutch teenage girl magazine Tina (though it is 'modernized' by having the characters refer to the furnature and stuff as 'that silly 70's stuff of my dad'). Holley was one of many artists working n Ketcham's style, but he certainly made a succes of it.

More of Holley and this strip tomorrow.


Mickey Quinn said...

I really enjoyed these!

thesupervillain said...

those are great. Great design and nice gags